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AyC Distributors-Toners Cartiridge Company is a local company in Dallas Texas and our task is to bring the knowledge and understanding of why small, medium and large companies should use remanufactured toner cartridges.

The dynamics and characteristic of our company is that we like to be in contact with our customers, we believe in the protection of the environment and also that when using remanufactured products there will be doors to new jobs which generates sources of income for families.

When a company is using remanufacted products this is causing their profits to be maximized, and in our remanufactured toner cartridges we are not left behind.

Our slogan is "Print more and spend less". AyC Distributors has had pleasant experiences with each of our customers because everyone who is now our valued customers has understood what really means using remanufactured toner cartridges. Our company is committed to the pursuit of financial freedom and that there are companies free of debts, and that better than taking it to the practice causing high savings in the consumption of remanufactured toners cartridges. AyC Distributors is also committed to provide excellent service and Fast delivery, this is the personal seal of our company.

AyC Distributors is not a company more in the marketing, we will always look for the way to give the extra mile, but that a company is a family with the purpose of providing the best attention to all our customers, we love to talk to people because The best way to meet the expectations that some of our customers demand of us, is communication, AyC Distributors will always find the best offer of remanufactured toner cartridges for your company.


Our mission.

It is to bring our product and service to your business.

Fast delivery and excellence.

You do not have to go to us, we come to you.

Help you to spend much less on toner cartridges.

Our vision

It become your faithful and friendly supplier of toner cartridges.

Establish communication relationships with our customers.


Customer Testimonial

"I have been dealing with AyC Distributors  for many years now. Their products are high quality and their customer service is outstanding. Since they have warehouses all across the USA shipping times are normally 1-2 business day awesome..."

 Melina A.
"The customer service and support we get from AyC  Distributors  throughout the order process is excellent. We couldn't ask for more."
George G.

"AyC Distributors  has quality products at a great prices. I love the fast shipping and longer hours to get orders out the same day. AyC Distributors gets new cartridges to the market fast."

 Alex C.


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